Jikiden Reiki Seminar

Authentic Japanese Reiki

In the Jikiden Reiki Seminar, you learn the traditional Japanese Reiki that has been practiced since 1930th. It is the original and authentic Japanese Reiki without any Western influences. Jikiden (直傳) means "directly passed down"; its curriculum is based what master Hayashi was teachings in 1930th.

Today there are more than six million Reiki practitioners in the world but most of them practice the westernized version of Reiki, which has evolved from the original Japanese Reiki but lost important therapeutic techniques and introduced a lot of misunderstandings that make their Reiki less effective. In Jikiden Reiki, You can learn what Reiki really is and its true effectiveness.

The seminar structure

The Jikiden Reiki system consists of two seminars, Shoden (初伝) and Okuden (奥伝). Shoden takes two days and Okuden one day. Masaki Nishina (dai-shihan, senior teacher) gives the seminars in English without a translator.

Shodenday19:30 - 17:0049,500 yen
day29:30 - 16:00
Okudenday19:30 - 17:0044,000 yen

The seminar occupancy is limited to 4 students at most. It is not a big class but small enough for taking good care of each student.

English textbook

The Shoden details

In Shoden, a student receives Reiju (霊授) tree times and learns the basics of authentic Reiki. Shoden takes two days both from 9:30 to 17:00. The Shoden fee is 49,500 yen (tax included: Japanese currency, VISA, Master, or AMEX) which covers an English textbook, Japanese and English certificates.

Lecture contents

  1. Histories of Usui and Hayashi
  2. History of Yamaguchis'
  3. Five principles (Gokai, 五戒)
  4. Byosen (病腺)
  5. Shirushi (印)
  6. Blood circulation (血液交換法)
  7. Kanji letters of Reiki (靈氣)
  8. Usui's public teaching
  9. Natural healing process
  10. Emperor's poems (Gyosei, 御製)


  1. Chanting Gokai
  2. Reiki mawashi (circle)
  3. Hands-on on a bed
  4. Hands-on on a chair
  5. Sensing Byosen
  6. Shirushi on byosen
  7. boold circulation
  8. More hands-on
Shoden certificate

The Okuden details

In Okuden, a student receives Reiju (霊授) twice and learns the techniques of a mind-habit treatment (Seiheki chiryo, 性癖治療) and distant healing. Okuden takes one day from 9:30 to 17:00. The Okuden fee is 44,000 yen (tax included: Japanese currency, VISA, Master, or AMEX) which covers Japanese and English certificates.

Lecture contents

  1. Mind-habit treatment (性癖治療)
  2. God of mercy (千手観音)
  3. Bonji (梵字)
  4. Kotodama (言霊)
  5. Treatment guide
  6. Three lays of Soul
  7. Japanese Word technique
  8. Distant healing
  9. Jumon (呪文)


  1. Mind habit treatment
  2. Distant healing
  3. Writing Kanji
  4. Byosen (review)
  5. Blood circulation (review)
Okuden certificate

How to make a reservation

Anyone, who would like to study Jikiden Reiki and agree with the objectives and regulations (see below) of Jikiden Reiki, can attend the seminar. You can make a reservation through the following steps:

1. Send an email to masaki@jikiden-reiki-nishina.com with (a)your name (to be on your certificate), (b)nationality, (c)cellphone number, (d)seminar dates you prefer.

You may take Shoden and Okuden in a row or only Shoden at first. In either case, please give a few sets of preferable dates.

Or, you can pick the seminar dates already arranged. Here is the present schedule:

○ Shoden
2024 January: none

○ Okuden
2024 January: none

2. We decide your seminar dates based on your preferred dates and school convenience. We need AT LEAST TWO participants for a seminar to be scheduled.

3. Download an application form, print it, and fill it with a signature. (PDF application from, or GIF application from) Please write your name clearly because it will be on the certificates. Send it via FAX (050-3159-7137), or take a photograph of the filled form and sent it via email.

4. Please make a payment on the first day of the seminar in JPY cash, VISA, Master, or AMEX. Other currencies or traveler's checks are not accepted.

Cancellation Fee

◎ Until two weeks before a seminar: no charge.
◎ Less than two weeks but until three days before a seminar: 20,000 yen.
◎ Less than three days before a seminar: 100% seminar fee.

Attending seminars

The school is run under modern Japanese culture and customs, but not Western way. All students are expected to comply the followings:

  1. The seminar starts at 9:30 in the morning. Please be prompt. Since the seminar is in a small group, if anyone is late, we have to wait for the last person. If you think you might be late, please inform us immediately by a phone (0422-56-8230) not by an e-mail please.
  2. If you think you are lost or feel difficult to find the way to our school, please call us (0422-56-8230) immediately. We will guide you over the phone.
  3. Do bring your lunch with you. There is no convenience store near our school. Otherwise, you would spend most of your lunch time on just walking.
  4. Avoid clothes that restrain yourself. Please avoid jeans, bodysuit or tight underwater. Also avoid hoodie which encumbers hands-on healing.
  5. Use public transportations as possible. Do avoid driving a car because it can often results in a late arrival in the morning in Tokyo.
  6. Be sure you are clean without sweat. The Reiki practice requires you to be close to the other person.
  7. Smoking is not permitted anytime anywhere in the school.
  8. No electric devices are allowed in the class room unless medically required. Turn off your cellular phone and leave it in a designated area with your stuff.
  9. In Japan, going into a someone's house with bare feet is considered to be rude. Wear socks or bring them with you and put them on when you enter the house.
  10. Men, do not expose your bare legs. It is very impolite to show them in front of others in Japan. Men should wear a pair of pants of full length.

Techer courses (Shihan-kaku, Shihan)

To become a teacher in the Jikiden Reiki system, one needs to acquire enough experiences and knowledge in the Reiki treatment. There is no "weekend master" like some of Western Reiki schools offer. See the details here.

Jikiden Reiki Objectives

  1. To publish illustrations of the effectiveness and document people’s experiences of Reiki.
  2. To enable people to use Reiki as an effective complement to conventional medical care.
  3. To introduce the effectiveness of Reiki to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, thereby initiating its use in conjunction with Western medicine in the conventional medical field.
  4. To introduce the use of Reiki for medical care in the household. This should help to break dependence on everyday allopathic remedies and conventional drugs. The ultimate objective here is twofold. Firstly people will become healthier as their bodies start to remember how to heal themselves without chemical substances introduced from the outside. Secondly there will be a significant reduction in the amount of medical waste, a positive effect on the environment, which can be global in scale.

Regulations of the Jikiden Reiki Institute

  1. The symbols (shirushi), mantras, Jumon and any contents of the manual or seminar shall not be revealed to those not in attendance.
  2. Any publications, photos or seminar content shall not be revealed, loaned to any third party or made available on the internet.
  3. Jikiden Reiki shall not be taught mixed with other kinds of Reiki. Only Shihan-Kaku (assistant teachers) and Shihan (teachers) approved by Jikiden Reiki Institute can teach Jikiden Reiki.

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