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Masaki Nishina "Reiki and Japan"
A Cultural View of Western and Japanese Reiki

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ISBN: 1545392897 and ASIN: B071CLM66M

Have you ever wondered just how different Western and Japanese Reiki are? And why they became so different?

This book looks at the culture and history behind Japanese Reiki and how it evolved as it journeyed through the West. Masaki Nishina teaches both Western and Japanese Reiki in Japan and from his years of experience provides deep insights into the truth about Reiki.

In this book you will discover:
・ How Japanese historical events influenced Reiki
・ How Reiki compares to other healing therapies of the time
・ How the survival of Reiki was threatened after the war
・ What changes Western culture made to Reiki
・ The detailed differences between Western and Japanese Reiki
・ How Reiki is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and Shinto
・ What we can all learn from that ancient culture

If you're wanting to deepen your understanding of Japanese and Western Reiki, or if you're simply wanting to know more about the culture that gave birth to Reiki, this book is for you.

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Chapter 1 Reiki's Native Land 16
Chapter 2 Reiki and The Beginning of Reiki as a Therapy 28
Chapter 3 Other Hands-on Therapies in Japan 54
Chapter 4 Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai 83
Chapter 5 Chujiro Hayashi 87
Chapter 6 Past Meets Present 95
 Case A - A lady whose grandmother was using Reiki
 Case B - A grandmother practicing Reiki for a living
 Case C - A grandfather practicing Teate-Ryoji
 Case D - A member of the Gakkai
 Case E - An acquaintance of Koyama
Chapter 7 Reiki and The Road to War 102
Chapter 8 Postwar Japan under Occupation 108
Chapter 9 The spread of Reiki to the West 129
Chapter 10 The Return of Reiki to Japan 155
Chapter 11 A Comprehensive Look at the Differences Between Japanese and Western Reiki 162
  The fundamental energy 164
  Dependence Vs self-reliance 165
  Religion 166
  Mercy and affection 167
  Lineage 168
  The symbols 170
  The symbols - culture 171
  The symbols - dependency leads to addiction 171
  Attunements Vs Reiju 172
  Controlling the flow Vs natural flow 173
  Ceremonial techniques 176
  Degrees of freedom 176
  Standardized framework 177
  Reiki teachers 178
  Is Japanese Reiki more powerful? 180
  Now/today Vs past/future 181
  DKM - The Western Reiki symbol 182
  Evolving spiritually Vs evolving tools 189
  The value of Western Reiki and Japanese Reiki 192
Chapter 12 Other Surviving Alternative Therapies 202
Chapter 13 Why Reiki Originated in Japan 206

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