Becoming Jikiden Reiki Teachers

How to become teachers

To become a teacher in the Jikiden Reiki system, one needs to acquire enough experiences and knowledge in the Reiki treatment. There is no "weekend master" like some of Western Reiki schools offer. We do not use a word "master". "Shihan-kaku" means "associate teacher" who can teach Shoden. "Shihan" means "teacher" who can teach both Shoden and Okuden.

Since ancient time, Shihan or Shihan-kaku have been a Japanese way of making teachers in any traditional fields such as Judo, Kendo, Karate, Kyudo, or Sado. It is our responsibility to assure Shihan-kaku and Shihan provide good seminars and Reiki practice.

To become Shihan-kaku:

  1. Practice Jikiden Reiki for at least 6 months after completing the main course (Shoden / Okuden). Practice Reiki to over 40 different persons and a total of over 120 hours of treatments.
  2. Repeat Jikiden Reiki Shoden/Okuden class with Tadao Yamaguchi at least once.
  3. Write an essay why you would like to become a teacher of Jikiden Reiki.
  4. Join Shihan-kaku seminar (1 day).
  5. Live with Gokai.

There are already a few thousands of Shihan-kaku worldwide.

Shihan-kaku seminar

In addition to the above requirements, you need to have taken Shoden and Okuden seminar at least once from Nishina and have attented Nishina's practice meeting at least twice. Masaki Nishina (Dai-shihan, senior teacher) gives the Shihan-kaku seminar in English without a translator.

Shihan-kaku9:30 - 17:00132,000 yen

The seminar occupancy is limited to 4 people at most. It is small enough for taking good care of each student. A student receives Reiju once, learns how to give Reiju, and how to give the Shoden seminar. A student also learns 'Reiki Exchange', a beautiful ceremony that master Hayashi invented. It takes one day from 9:30 to 17:00. The fee is 132,000 yen (tax included, Japanese currency only) which covers an English textbook, Japanese and English certificates.

Lecture contents

  1. How to run the Shoden seminar
  2. Shoden seminar contents
  3. How to give Reiju
  4. How to make a certificate
  5. Reiki exchange


  1. Reiju
  2. Ketsueki-kokan ho (review)
  3. Reiki exchange


To become Shihan

  1. You have to be Shihan-kaku.
  2. Repeat Shoden and Okuden Class fully with Tadao Yamaguchi at least one time.
  3. Practice and teach Reiki at least 6 months after you take part in a Shihan-kaku seminar.
  4. Teach Jikiden Reiki Shoden classes, more than 5 classes with each class with at least 2 students.
  5. Get feedback letters from at least 10 students.
  6. Join Shihan seminar (1 day).
  7. Purchase Gokai scroll. (prerequisite)

There are already a few hundreds of Shihan worldwide.
The Shihan seminar is taught only by the representative or vise-representative. See the detail of how to become Shihan and its seminar is here.

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